The founder of Trail-Works, Jim Schneider, has been gaining experience in the acquisition, design and development of trails since 1989. Jim has been involved in nearly 40 trail projects, serving as project manager for over 20 projects, Jim has built over 110 miles of trail, 70 miles of which he designed. The acquisition, design and development of trails is a costly venture. We have experience as a successful grant writer for numerous national and Ohio grant programs. We can help you develop realistic cost estimates for your project. When your project requires acquisition of a corridor before you can start building, we can help you follow the steps for “due diligence” to prevent problems as your project progresses.

Trails that connect people with places are rarely a single entity endeavor. We can assist you in identifying all of the parties that need to play together and help you develop agreements so that all can play nicely together. When it comes time to build, Trail-Works has over 30 years of design, engineering and construction management experience. Our practical approach to design and engineering meets national standards and incorporates the latest design elements while still being cost effective to build with long term maintenance in mind.

Once your trail is built, you have to maintain it. Trail-Works has 18 years experience in the management, maintenance and operation of trails. We can help develop your maintenance program, complete with equipment needs and an annual budget. We can assist you in establishing a long-term care program that will extend the life of your trail and delay costly re-construction. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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